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Notes on Marketing Class at first Session


Class of E-57

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Prof Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan, MSc

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Dr Ir Kirbrandoko, MSM

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Dr Ir Dodik Nur Rochmat, M.Sc.F


Narrative Marketing Management First Class

300 words about First Lecture of Marketing Management

Last Monday, Jan 18th 2016 I got my first lecture of Marketing Management. Prof . Ujang Sumarwan Sumarwan.


An activity Marketing is selling goods or services to consumers. Destination marketing study is that we can ideas – creative ideas in marketing goods and services. So as to enhance corporate profits and consumer confidence and attract potential customers.

Strategic companies in the marketing of goods and services, will involve a lot of employees aimed at:

  1. In order for goods or services that will be sold by the company quickly known by community and prospective customers.
  2. In order for the goods and services sold in the market quickly.
  3. Knowing the tastes of consumers.
  4. Increase sales of goods and services companies




1. Product = goods sold should be good and the product and services that are sold to consumers must be the best so as to provide solutions to customer problems.
2. Price = price of the product must be able to cover all costs that is issued by the company in producing these goods. If a company sells services, price services must be able to cover all costs in the process to obtain solutions to problems.
3. Place = strategic place in the process of marketing goods and services. Due to the strategic place of goods and services is known calaon consumers. Points will determine the distribution costs from producers to consumers, so as to minimize operating costs.
4. Promotion = Company conducted an event to provide information about the goods and services they sell. So that potential customers know the product. them to the customer. It also means that marketing communications so that customers will know the product.


Type of thing that are marketed :

  1. Good.
  2. Services.
  3. Experiences.
  4. Event.
  5. Person.
  6. Places.
  7. Properties.
  8. Organization.
  9. Information.
  10. Idea

Text Book

Pemasaran Strategik


Strategi Untuk Pertumbuhan Perusahaan Dalam Penciptaan Nilai Bagi Pemegang Saham.

Ujang Sumarwan

Agus Djunaidi
H.C Royke Singgih
Jusuf Agus Sayono
Rico R. Budidarmo
Sofyan Rambe
Penerbit: Inti Prima Promosindo, 2009

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